Professional Practitioner  Series

Imagine  walking into some one’s home and advising on specific colours for the decor, determining which rooms are the best for each family member, or  guiding your clients to which home in what suburb would be most suited to them and being able to assist  in attracting fortune and prosperity into people’s lives.

Or Perhaps you wish to be able to advise on the design and layout of new homes and buildings, This is the role of a Professional Feng Shui consultant.

That Dream becomes your reality, here, now.

The Professional Practitioner series builds on Elementary Feng Shui to give you the theoretical knowledge required to begin to consult professionally.

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“Learning the true Flying Stars was awesome, not just moving a piece of furniture or painting a room.

I felt honored that I was able to attend these classes and have George teach us.”

Leonie Horton

“Eye opening, inspiring… I am grateful for the practical bedroom suggestions that I implemented straight away; it was amazing how this changed my sleep patterns; I am sleeping more soundly than since the day I moved in.

It makes complete sense; a science of the invisible fields that we all interact with every moment of our lives.

Love K”

President, Sustainable Communities

“The best Feng Shui course in Australia”

Rodger Inwod