The Master Series

Is for Professional Practitioners and consultants who want to have World Class Feng Shui techniques and knowledge at a Master Level.

The Master Series is essential for those Feng Shui Consultants wishing to extend their professional services to include

  • “Building Design Advice”, from the ground-up
  • “Residential Developments”
  • “Commercial Buildings”
  • “large Scale Complexes”

These courses have been created by Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Centre  and further developed by Master George Bennis.

The Master Series will take your knowledge to new heights and provide you with the techniques and applications to provide your clients with a World Class Service


Derelle Ball

I really enjoy your teaching style and hope the students realise what a treasure they have in you.

You are succinct, methodical and incredibly patient and the exercise from last night is a terrific future tool for students to use in the real world, You even gave them additional ideas on how to experiment and evolve with the zheng shen/ling shen concept and this is ‘gold’ for feng shui consultancy.

Derelle Ball
Centaine Consultants
Fran Gleeson

Just completed Da Gua 1 and 2 with George.

He is a gifted teacher and clearly explains the complicated material and accompanies it with really useful notes and charts. He inspires me with his case studies and is very responsive to questions.

I feel like my Feng Shui has transformed into a really powerful service I can now offer my clients. Thank you George!

Fran Gleeson
Feng Shui Fran
Lesley Hincks

I highly recommend George to anyone who is interested in learning Feng Shui.

His enthusiasm is contagious.

Leslie Hinks


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