Advanced Practitioner  Series


Are you ready to move away from the static confines of the 8 Sectors ?  Would you like to have more tools to help clients than just the 5 elements ?

In this Online training series your understanding and practice of Flying Stars will take a quantum leap.

The Advanced Practitioner Series is for consultants who are ready to move their practice to the Highest Level of  the Flying Star School.

Consultants who are well grounded in their knowledge of the flying star technique and it’s combinations are invited to take this level.

A minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience with using Flying Stars is recommended for this level

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feng shui courses online living stars course
$ 690.00




Fran Gleeson

I have been a Feng Shui Practitioner for more than 10 years.  I was at a point of being very frustrated because my methods  were working for some people but not others, and I didn’t know why.  I decided to do George Bennis’  Living Stars course to see if i could find out how to use the stars more effectively and feel more responsive to my clients’ situations.

The Webinar was fantastic!  it gave me just what I wanted. George is a very thorough, entertaining and experienced presenter. He covers the  stars in depth, explaining  their personalities and how to really use them well to benefit clients as well as how to encourage them to  flow  dynamically through an environment. His case studies were wonderful

Doing it as a Webinar meant it was more economical  and I could do it in the comfort of my own home.

Thanks George!

Fran Gleeson
Feng Shui Practitioner
Fran Gleeson Feng Shui
Robyn Collins

I joined George’s “Living Stars” webinar wanting to have a more intimate connection with the stars, coming to a sense of knowing what they were capable of and being able to work with them. I want this to come naturally to me when I am at someone’s home.

George has done the groundwork and his experiences are obviously many and varied leading him to the position he is in now, which is to relay to others, me being one of them, how best to work with them and not against them and what will happen if you do. The knowledge he has imparted to me and the way it was presented I feel will be invaluable. I am very glad I took part. Incredibly convenient in my own home with repeat replays to integrate the information at my own pace.

Robyn Collins
Feng Shui Practitioner
Feng Shui Elements
Lizette Akouri

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the webinar as I saved so much time and money from not having to travel. I could do the course in the comfort of my own home, it was like having a private lesson. Having it in 6 different weeks was good as it allowed us time to go through the info again and again before the next lesson. George was very thorough with his info with the notes and the charts. I can’t wait for the next webinar. I wished all Feng Shui courses were held like this…. Loved it.

Lizette Akouri
Feng Shui Practitioner
Creative Feng Shui
jan leese

I found George Bennis’ Living Stars webinar fantastic.

Apart from the fact that this webinar fitted in with my family/work life, the benefits of not travelling etc, the presentation of the information was excellent.

This is better than going to a live course as you can rewind and replay anything you wish to hear again.  George really gives the stars such personality that any flying star chart now instantly comes to life in front of my eyes to help me deliver a more professional consultation.

Jan Leese
Feng Shui Practitioner
North Queensland